planned giving

The legacy circle - protecting our animals into tomorrow.

When you name Humane Society of West Michigan in your will, or make another kind of planned gift* to the Humane Society, you become a member of our Legacy Circle.  Members of this special group of donors have at least one thing in common: a commitment to the future care and protection of animals in our community.

At its heart, planned giving is very simple - a desire to leave a legacy of love for our animals after you have passed on from this world.  We are so grateful to the following group of compassionate donors as they have placed Humane Society of West Michigan in their estate plans.  Some have done so by way of a bequest, as a beneficiary in a retirement account, or through charitable gift annuities and donor-advised funds. Caring individuals who have promised this gift are part of an animal loving, compassionate circle - Humane Society of West Michigan Legacy Circle.

Humane Society of West Michigan's Legacy Circle was established in 2000. The name reflects our appreciation and admiration for those who had the vision to launch this Humane Society in 1883.  And it is this ongoing vision for the future that marks those who belong to the Legacy Circle today.

As a member of Humane Society of West Michigan's Legacy Circle, you will be invited to special receptions and other events designed especially for our forward-looking supporters. 

To learn more about our Legacy Circle and including a gift to Humane Society of West Michigan in your estate planning, please contact Tammy Hagedorn, Director of Development, at [email protected] or 616-791-8138

Upcoming Legacy Circle Events include a luncheon on May 7, a dinner on August 13 and a luncheon on October 22.  Please contact Tammy Hagedorn at 616-791-8138 or [email protected] to learn more details.

Current Legacy Circle Members:

  • Ruth Barr and Patricia Bonnell
  • Patricia Bement 
  • Paula Sue Borr 
  • D. Kay Caston 
  • Mimi Cummings 
  • Gilbert and Patricia Davis
  • Sandra DeHaan and Harold Lewis
  • Susan M. DeJonge
  • Yvonne Dodgson
  • Cynthia Dunakin
  • Lorrie Ealy
  • Dick and Judy Eppinga
  • Richard and Pamela Forwood
  • Alvena Franzen
  • Lynn Gestner
  • Dale Gilb 
  • Heather Gluszewski and Christian Glupker
  • Carol Greene 
  • Wendell and Victoria Hahn
  • Nell Harthorn 
  • Helen Hitchcock 
  • Michael John and Betty A. Jones
  • Betty Kaler 
  • Sandra Kinsey
  • Gayle Lycos
  • Barbara Mayo-Johnson 
  • Linda McGowan 
  • Dick and Penny Mercer
  • Deborah Meijer 
  • Thelma Meyer
  • Patricia Pulaski 
  • Jennifer Puplava
  • Franklin Randall 
  • Mary Ellen Ratuszny 
  • Joan Raymer 
  • Ray Rees 
  • Andrew and Ruth Rios
  • Elaine Shay 
  • Rod and Lisa Slachter
  • Randy and Natalie Sluja 
  • Stephen and Virginia Smith
  • Barbara Spielmaker 
  • Ann Spielmaker 
  • Marguerite Staudacher 
  • Steven and Diana Steffek 
  • Art and Jill Tiefenbach
  • Marjorie VanBendegom 
  • Melinda von Reis 
  • Sandra Wagner 
  • David Whitford
  • Bill and Julie Zukowski

In Memoriam:

  • E. Scott Derr
  • Walter Dykstra
  • Patricia Eikhoff
  • Dale Gilb
  • Leona Lewis
  • Duncan Littlefair
  • Marguerite Staudacher
  • Kay Wilsted
  • Nancy Sonke

 *Planned gifts include charitable gift annuities, charitable trusts, gifts of life insurance and retirement fund assets, and other gifts designed to serve the future needs of Humane Society of West Michigan.