behavior assistance

Even old dogs can learn new manners.

Meet our Animal Behavior Specialist!

Namiko Ota-Noveskey, MS

Namiko has worked with dogs and cats for over 10 years.  She combines her education and experiences for each case while respecting individual differences. 


  • Master of Science in Applied Psychology
  • Graduate coursework in Behavior Analysis
  • Certified Professional Dog Trainer 

A good majority of the adoptable animals that come to us are here because of their behaviors. Many of the behaviors can be alleviated or modified through altering the environment, teaching the animals alternative behaviors and by educating the owners. We currently offer behavioral counseling to help you with specific areas of concern.

If you have questions or concerns feel free to contact our Behavior Specialist at (616) 791-8227 or [email protected]

Fill out a Canine Behavior Consultation Questionnaire and send to:

Humane Society of West Michigan
Attn: Namiko Ota-Noveskey
3077 Wilson NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49534

[email protected] or fax (616) 453-5752 Attn: Namiko