Project B.A.R.C.

Humane Education for At-Risk Youth
Humane Society of West Michigan is proud to be a part of Project B.A.R.C., a partnership with the Kent County Juvenile Detention Center (KCJDC).  Adoptable HSWM dogs will live onsite at KCJDC for 3 weeks. The youth who choose to participate go through an interview process and are chosen based on who would best serve the dogs.  

During the dog's time at KCJDC, the youth work with the HSWM Behavior staff and are responsible for feeding, grooming, training, socializing and caring for the dog. The youth train the dog on steps of the Canine Good Citizen test.  In addition to preparing the dog for adoption, the youth develop responsibility, empathy and compassion for all living things that they will take back to their communities.  

It is a win-win situation for all involved!


Meet our latest Project BARC graduate, Robyn!  Robyn is a 1 1/2 year old Pit Bull Terrier mix who would love a new home where she can show off all the cool things she learned! Robyn is part of our Argus Alliance! Find out more about the Argus Alliance by clicking here: Argus Friend Program

At the end of their 3 weeks together, the trainers are asked to write a letter to the future adopters. Here is what Tyler and Omar wrote to Robyn's future family.

Dear new owners,

I just wanted to let you know Robyn is a good dog and she is a lot of fun. And she loves attention. One thing that Robyn does not like is when you put up or hide her toys! She loves to be taken out and fed at the same time every day. Me and my partner worked really hard to train Robyn to pass her test because we want to make sure she gets a good home.

Please take good care of her.




Dear new owners of Robyn,

I think you should know that Robyn is a great dog. She's loving and great around kids. She's fun to play with and likes lots of attention. Me and my partner Tyler and some of our fellow peers and staff would love to see her in a new home with people who care about her and have time to play. One other thing you should know is hide your shoes and cards because she loves to steal. But besides that, she's great. She doesn't bark as much, son don't worry, you will be able to sleep. She probably won't go in her cage right away, you have to drop a treat in there so she will know it's a good thing to go in there or put her in the cage then give her a treat. Another thing you shoudl know is she loves hot dogs as a treat so keep that in mind. Thanks for adopting her. 


Her old friend Omar