A happy, healthy life for a few thousand.

...from the passionate support of a few.

Humane Society of West Michigan does not receive any financial support from animal welfare or governmental agencies. We rely solely upon the support of people, businesses, and community foundations to operate our facilities and programs. Without that continued support, we would no longer be capable to provide care and shelter for animals in need.

Lately, you might have seen billboards, news ads and maybe even direct mailings from Michigan Humane Society. While we are fully supportive of the great work that Michigan Humane Society does on the east side of the state (specifically in the Detroit area), we just want you, our donors and friends, to be aware that funds given to MHS helps animals in the Detroit area and not here in West Michigan.

If you want to make the biggest impact, donate locally to help save the thousands of animals that need your help in West Michigan! To donate to the animals at Humane Society of West Michigan - please visit this page or contact Corey Turner, Development Associate, at 616-791-8057 or! Thanks for your continued support of our local animals!